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Our passion is creativity and with that passion we do photoshoots, produce music, videos, and do entertainment consulting.

We are Rene and William ("brothers like no other"), and we are Jam & Jelly Production. Our collaboration merges passions for photography, music, videography and art with an overwhelming appreciation for the abundance of beauty in the world. We do photoshoots, produce music, write songs, and shoot videos. As the two creative minds we are here to encourage and enhance your moments of artistic expression.


Jam & Jelly steps outside the norm to create, produce and showcase various forms of art that challenge the senses. We help you explore ideas such as, "What does my music look like?" Yes, look like! Beyond recording a sound, we seek to capture an essence. Your music may look like lovers embracing or the beauty of a flower unfolding. Let us help cultivate the authentic, soulful aesthetic of your entertainment experience and bringing it forth into the world.

Behind The Scenes
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